Ludovica Valori (Rome, 1970).


Degree in illustration from the European Institute of Design in Rome (1992)
Degree in DAMS (Media, Music and Performing Arts) from University "Roma Tre" , Rome (November 2005)

School education:
Diploma di Maturita' scientifica (1988).

Foreign languages:
First Certificate in English Studies, 1983.
DELF (Diplome d'Etudes Langue Française), 1997.
Basic knowledge of Brazilian Portuguese.
Basic knowledge of Spanish.
Basic knowledge of Serbo/Croat/Bosnian.


My drawings have been published by various Italian newspapers and magazines, including "Diario della Settimana", "Gambero Rosso", "Time Out Roma" and Il Manifesto.

During the last five years I've been working for the Italian e-magazines  Caffe' Europa , ReS and Boiler, creating covers, drawings, illustrations and humourous sketches, often writing short articles about art, music and new media. 
I also illustrate the bimonthly magazine Reset.

I worked for some time in cartoon studios ('The Blue Arrow 'by Enzo D'Alo', 'Lupo Alberto') and also in scenography and costume design for theatre, TV and cinema  ("Elektra", "Il cuore e la spada" , "I cavalieri che fecero l'impresa" by Pupi Avati). 

I designed covers for many books by Astrolabio -Ubaldini Editore  and coordinated the whole production process of books and other promotional materials for the NGOs ICS (Italian Consortium of Solidarity), Associazione per la pace and Lunaria. My clients have included: Ancitel (web services for Italian local governments), Air France, RSL Com, Universita' di Roma "La Sapienza".

My works were exposed in the 1999 edition of FROG (Roman Festival of Young Artists) and in the fundraising art auction organized by the daily newspaper Il Manifesto (Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Roma 1999). 

Since 1993 I took part to many international volunteering projects in the Balkans, mostly for the realization of murals and other artistic activities for kids in Croatia, Bosnia-Hercegovina and Albania, in collaboration with the Italian branch of the SCI. In August 2003 I went to Tunisia with the Association Prodigi and within their computer labs project I realized mural paintings with kids in Kerchaou Oasis. 
I also work as a muralist and decorator in Italy. I put up with two colleagues a group called "il Muro parlante" ("The Talking Wall") in order to promote artistic activities in the social field.

Between 2005 and 2006 I worked for the Italian TV programme Ballaro' as mural painter.

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